Praying for One Another

May 1, 2024

Garry Woodside
Phillip Miller with son
Cristen Redden
Brian Moss
Mary Ann Kell
Betty Hendricks
Marvin & Sherry Millwood
Jannie Dill Reeves
William Lewis
Garry Hall
Jerry Kell
Leonard Hall
Ann Miller
Inez Millwood (home with Son)
Elizabeth Ducker
Sarah Ducker
Debbie Worley
Evelyn Westmoreland
Bill & Debbie Woodruff

Bro. Rocky & Sunday Service
Israel – Peace & Protection
Rodney Poindexter
Carl Hooper – Surgery Friday
George Hatch
Charlotte Stewart
Dana Griffith
Margie Hatch
Larry Akin
Josh & Rachel Ehrlich and our Youth
Lance Maddux
Shawna Novak
Michael Markum
Mary Reagan
Rylee Hudson – cancer
Brad Teague
Ray McKinney
Katherine Couvillon – Bone cancer
Larry Jackson – cancer
Shelia Lovern Hudson
Betty Dorssett (Carla’s Mother)
Sonja Carlson
Barbara Davis Shuptrine
Kelly Adams

Wayne Turner – Life Care Hixson
Marilyn McCollum – Story Point
Martha Alford – Hickory Valley
Doris Stager – Story Point
Shirley Watters – Morning Pointe Hixson
Wilma Lyness – Story Point Rm 217
Cliff Brown - Standifer Place Rm 354
Joe Stoner (Cindy Dawson’s Brother)
Selina Giles (Andy’s Mother)

Brandon Tallent – Air Force
Hunter Edgerton – Navy Officer Candidate School
Captain David Hatch – Monterey CA
Major Will Hatch – Stuttgart Germany                            
Major Cody Hill - Army – Colorado
Major Vincent Luttrell - Chaplain Germany
Troy Luttrell - Chaplain El Paso Texas                            
Robbie Stephenson
Petty Officer Jarrett Stewart –Milton, FL                                                                    
Bradley Knight – National Guard
Drew Dudley – Army
May 04, Karen Knight
       04, Debbie Worley
       04, Garry Woodside
       04, Blake Poindexter
       05, Makayla Bishop
       07, Susan McKesson
       08, Ellie Shepherd
       08, Matt Koif
       09, Rodney Poindexter
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